Admission Guidelines

1. Application for Registration can be filled and submitted at the School (i.e. AIA, Plot 404 Bukoto-Kisaasi Road, Kisaasi, Kampala, Uganda) on any working day (Monday – Friday) from 9a.m. to 2p.m.

2.AIA will be admitting students from Pre-school to Grade 5 if they have not been on the ACE program, but those already on ACE program can join at any Grade. Students aged 6 years and above can join at any time of the year and they will undergo a Diagnostic Test to determine their performance level.

3. Age Eligibility:

4 years – 18 years Pre-School then Grade 1 – 12(Please note that a Child’s Grade is not determined by age)

4. Submission of duly completed forms will be against payment of Ugx 150, 000/= application fee per student (this can be submitted in cash / cheque or by credit card if submitting online). 

5. For any other information please contact School office or visit this website regularly.