Welcome to Parents-Teachers Fellowship (Business Expo) 7th March 2020

The purpose of the Parent-Teachers Fellowship is to foster fellowship among teachers and parents to promote unity, increase parent involvement, increase business exposure and marketing be a source of encouragement to the students’ family, and honor God above all things.
The Parent Teacher Fellowship is you…and everyone! It is the parents or legal guardians of students enrolled at Asifiwe International Academy, Supervisors, Monitor, administrators and school well-wishers.
We look forward to you joining us as we build a strong relationship between parents and staff members. We will have a great amount of fun!

Parent – Teachers Conferencing (18th,20th,21st April 2020)

Parents – Teachers Conferencing is a short meeting or conference between the parents and Teachers of the students to discuss a child’s progress at school and find solution to academic and behavioral problems.
Parent- teacher conference is a great opportunity to:

  • share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments.
  • learn from parents or guardians so you can be better informed about students’ strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles.
  • discuss enrichment or intervention strategies to support students’ learning.
  • discuss issues that may be interfering with students’ learning and growth.

Uganda National Students’ Convention(5th,6th,7th,8th,9th May 2020)

This is an event that highlights the school year and home schools using the Accelerated Christian Education program, however this is to request parents of students who registered for different events to assist in various way.

ACE Convention Guidelines

DownloadStudents Convention Guidelines