Students Clubs give students an avenue for pursuing their interests and passions outside of the learning Center in away that helps them to grow and develop as leaders.


By God’s grace, we were able to start aclub. And now, our student ministry staff helps to conduct four Christian clubs in the school. The ministry club is instrumental in raising young devoted preachers with knowledge in the Word of God. The club focuses on preaching and Outreach.


Music is the language of soul. The school started a Music Club  with the objective of encouraging musical talent among students. The club has emerged as an important platform for the students to showcase their talent of vocal and instrumental music.

sports club

Sports Club School Sports Clubs are a vital part of our Inclusive School programme, providing the essential activities for your pupils.Activities under sports include Football,Netball,Athletics,Basketball and board games.

Help to provide more opportunities for pupils to be part of extra-curricular activities

• Improve pupil’s physical literacy through the delivery of multi-sport clubs with a wide range of sports available

• Help your teams prepare for sports events under students convention

• Help your pupil’s meet recommended physical activity guidelines of moderate to vigorous activity

worship club

Holding devotions with your students is a great way to promote character development.Having a more in-depth discussion can help to reinforce the traits students learn about in their PACEs.

worship 6